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The most Relaxing and Enjoyable mode of Transportation

Are you tired of undressing at airports, long delays, cramped seats and snacks for meals? Well, if you are I have a suggestion. Train Travel.

I’ve flown all over the world on planes, but the most relaxing and most enjoyable mode of transportation for me has been train travel; not to mention the delicious food served on board. Enjoy the comfort of the well appointed and comfortable Observation Car where you will meet people from around the world.

On most of the trains there is a full service dining car where “community seating” is practiced and you get to make new friends.

The meals are absolutely delicious, and cocktails are also available for purchase.

Coach seating is very comfortable. However, if you are traveling for a couple of nights sleeping accommodations are available at an additional cost.

On my cross-country travels I’ve booked one of the bedrooms, which includes your three meals, a private bath and shower. Or you can also book a “roomette” which is much smaller, but does not include a private bath, but is also very comfortable. The bonus here is that the scenery is breath taking.

All you have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy!

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