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Vel Scott is an advocate and a leader in the movement to bring nutrition and healthy living into people’s lives.  Through her workshops, lectures and cooking demonstrations she teaches that food can be the catalyst for better living.

Vel’s passion and purpose is educating people in how to live their best lives by powering their bodies with healthy foods.


Vel helped reverse her husband’s heart disease by exploring ways to prepare the soul food that he loved.  She has traveled the globe and integrates the spices and flavors of global cuisine into her recipes.  Her mission is to share this knowledge with people who are looking for help in managing diseases such as diabetes, congestive heart failure, hypertension and cancer, and improving their lifestyle with food.


Vel's Purple Oasis is a community-based urban farm situated on one acre of land where Cleveland's Fairfax neighborhood meets University Circle. Gardening first began at the Oasis in April of 2008, as a way to get members of the surrounding community involved with each other and to promote a healthy lifestyle through growing and eating high-quality produce. Within three years the Oasis developed partnerships with Oberlin College's Environmental Studies Department, Case Western Reserve University's many volunteer groups, the Green Triangle permaculture designers, John Hay High School Environmental Club, the Ronald McDonald House, the New Agrarian Center, and the Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods

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Since the garden began in the spring of 2008, it has grown in "leaps and bounds". Each year a new component has evolved.

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